The subject of the lawsuit was the infringement of a patent held by H.C. Starck relating to high capacitance tantalum powders and sintered anodes that are manufactured from these powders. These materials are used in the electronic industry to make capacitors for electronic devices such as  smartphones and tablet PCs. 

"H.C. Starck is devoting significant time and resources in developing high capacitance tantalum powders to enable modern technologies and to ensure competitiveness in a fast moving market field.” said Dr Andreas Meier, CEO and president of H.C. Starck. “To make sure these efforts are well invested, we will continue to protect our intellectual property and prohibit its illegitimate exploitation.” 

H.C. Starck filed its first patents for technology metals over 60 years ago and now holds almost 900 issued patents worldwide as well as more than 400 pending patent applications.