H.C. Starck has received confirmation that it processes conflict-free tungsten raw materials. The corresponding audit was performed by an independent certification company on behalf of the Conflict Free Smelter Initiative (CFSi).

For its tantalum processing, H.C. Starck has already declared conflict-free smelter several times since 2010. Tantalum and tungsten, along with tin and gold, are defined as conflict minerals in the U.S. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was passed in 2010.

‘Since H.C. Starck does not process any tungsten raw materials from conflict areas, we are not obligated to undergo this kind of audit,’ explained Andreas Meier, CEO of H.C. Starck. ‘Still, we subjected our tungsten processing to the CFSi audit on a voluntary basis since procurement and processing of raw materials from conflict-free sources is the basis for our raw materials strategy.

‘Recycling of technology metals is one of our core competencies,’ he added. ‘We use innovative methods to process growing amounts of production residue, slag, scrap, and other secondary materials into high-quality, high-performance metal powders.’

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