The Mega-8800 deploys a continuous 4,000-rpm, 100-hp (74 kW) integral motor spindle that generates 774 ft-lbs of torque. It achieves a rapid traverse rate of 1,219 ipm in the X and Z axes, and 1,016 ipm in the Y-axis. Also, with 5,530 ft-lbs of torque in the X and Z axes, and 5,800 ft-lbs in the Y-axis, it provides the thrust necessary for heavy-duty cutting.

The machine incorporates Mazak’s MX Hybrid roller-guide system, achieving durability and reliability that support machining accuracy over the long term. This also increases vibration dampening, extends tool life, handles higher load capacities, and eliminates tramp oil in the coolant due to a “greener,” grease-based lubrication system.

The Mega-8800’s NC rotary table rotates 90 degrees in 3.2 seconds and features one-degree minimum increments. The table has 360-degree position coupling and accommodates workpieces up to 57 in. (1,450 mm) in diameter and 57 in. (1,450 mm) high.