Höganäs has confirmed that it has purchased H.C. Starck’s Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders (STC) division. The company says that this is Höganäs’ largest acquisition so far and one of three taking place during a short period.

In November 2017 Höganäs acquired Metasphere Technology, a Swedish start-up that has developed a new atomizing technology using plasma for high performing materials for surface coating and additive manufacturing while in February 2018 Höganäs acquired Alvier PM-Technology, a Swiss world leading company specializing in designing and manufacturing of tools for pressing of metal powder components.

‘STC is a strategically important acquisition for our growth agenda in more areas than traditional powder metallurgy,’ said Fredrik Emilson, president and CEO of the Höganäs Group. ‘With STC Höganäs gets access to new markets and product groups within the premium segment for surface coating and additive manufacturing. The acquisition means that we start the building of a second strong leg in Höganäs’ business, next to metal powder for pressed and sintered components.’

STC employs close to 400 people, mainly in Germany where the company has two production units, which complement Höganäs’ powder production. STC’s customer base is mainly European, which also complements Höganäs’ stronger position in Americas and APAC.

‘Together we become a large player in surface coating and additive manufacturing,’ Emilson added. ‘With STC follows a deep knowledge of applications within for instance aerospace and oil and gas. These are areas where we see a large development potential and where we can offer our customers solutions for a more sustainable industry.’

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