Electronic components are often subjected to severe flexing and vibration when used in various under-the-hood automotive and other harsh environment applications. Potential mishandling during circuit board assembly may also expose these components to excessive flex and mechanical stresses.
KEMET’s C0G-type capacitors ofer capacitance stability up to 125°C and are suitable for automotive, telecom, mobile communications, power supply and audio applications. In high temperature applications, the Ultra-Stable X8R-type capacitors with flexible termination can mitigate the flex cracks that may develop under excessive board flex conditions associated with assembly, handling and extreme environments up to 150°C.
Both dielectric technologies are Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant, and are suited for a variety of applications requiring proven, reliable performance. In addition to commercial grade, automotive grade devices are available for mission and safety critical circuits requiring stricter testing protocol and inspection criteria.
KEMET has also introduced the T550 Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS) Series of tantalum through-hole capacitors. PHS capacitors can provide up to 90% lower ESR, 40% increased ripple current capabilities, and improved capacitance retention at high frequency and low temperature compared to wet tantalum devices.
“Solid internal construction drastically improves shock and vibration capability, all within an approximately 25% lighter package than the equivalent wet tantalum capacitor,” said Dr Philip Lessner, KEMET vice president, chief technology officer and chief scientist.
With a benign failure mode, T550 PHS Series products are suitable for use in high voltage power management applications such as buck boost converters, filtering, hold-up capacitors, and other high ripple current application. Typical markets include alternative energy, industrial/lighting, medical, defense and aerospace, and telecommunications.