These devices are suitable for applications such as solid state drives (SSD), wireless cards and GPS systems.

"The T545 Series takes innovation to a new level by providing very high capacitance, low ESR, low profile, and all solid state construction in a surface mount package," claimed Per Loof, Kemet’s CEO.
"The T545 Series was developed to deliver the highest energy per cc of any tantalum surface mount device offered today," said Dr Philip Lessner, Kemet’s senior vice president, chief technology officer and chief scientist. "This product is subjected to 100% thermal shock and voltage aging to insure long term reliability, while its low profile is designed to fit in the most demanding SSD applications."
Suitable markets include computer, industrial, lighting, medical, defense and aerospace, telecommunications, and transportation. These devices range in price from US$1 to US$5 and complement Kemet’s TSM and T520 Series.