Gas specialist Linde has won a best innovation lab 2018 for its ‘Digital Base Camp’, a team of digitalization specialists, software developers and technology partners.

As well as coming top in the industry category, the Linde Digital Base Camp was ranked among the top four innovation labs out of almost 60 German companies that were analysed in this study.

‘Digitalisation is a game-changer for industrial companies such as Linde, and we want to be in the best possible position to capitalise on these changes,’ said Dr Christian Bruch, Linde board member. Leveraging data intelligently is thus at the heart of everything we do at the Digital Base Camp. We want to harness data assets to further improve internal group processes, for example, and to develop new services for customers.’

‘Our digitalisation experts at the Digital Base Camp and employees from our traditional lines of business work closely together in small teams,’ said Philipp Karmires, head of digitalization. ‘Together, we develop new products and services within three months as part of our accelerator process. Only innovations that prove successful within this timeframe are developed further and transitioned to our core business.’

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