Some 34% of this year’s sales growth comes from Miba’s core segments of sintered components, engine bearings and friction materials, while another 6% (about €19.1 million) can be attributed to new acquisitions.

These acquisitions include high voltage resistor manufacturer EBG Elektronische Bauelemente Gesellschaft M.B.Hand power electronics specialist DAU, which has allowed the company to enter the field of energy technology and has established a new division, the new technologies group. In April 2010, Miba took over the British coatings specialist Teer Coatings, and in September, it took over the friction materials business of the Swiss-based Hoerbiger Group. The company also purchased an Indian site in January 2011. Miba Drivetec India is now the company’s first production site in the emerging Indian market.
“One year after the economic crisis, Miba is in a better position than ever," said Peter Mitterbauer, chairman of the management board. "In a challenging market environment, we were able to achieve significant market share gains in our core segments." 

Miba also invested 5% of sales in research and development and plans to invest over €50 million in added capacity and future growth over the next year.

 “We have made a crucial step toward our vision ‘No power train without Miba technology’ and we will continue on our path of profitable growth,” Mitterbauer added.