By Kari Williamson

The standards are required in the most up-to-date form by quality assurance programmes in order to maintain full compliance.

The MPIF Standard Test Methods contains standards covering terminology and recommended methods of test for metal powders, powder metallurgy and injection moulded parts, metallic filters, and powder metallurgy equipment.

The standards, intended to present and clarify powder metal technology as an aid in conducting business, relate to those activities that concern designers, manufacturers, and users of powder metal parts.

The 2012 edition contains three new standards:

  • Std. 67—Guide to Sample Preparation for the Chemical Analysis of the Metallic Elements in PM Materials;
  • Std. 68—Guide to Temperature Profiling a Continuous Mesh-Belt Sintering Furnace; and
  • Std. 69—Guide for the Determination of the Porosity in Powder Metallurgy Products Using Automated Image Analysis).

There are also revisions to 26 other standards and new or updated Precision Statements for seven standards.

MPIF says the 2012 Edition renders the 2010 Edition obsolete.