MPIF Standard 35, Materials Standards for PM Structural Parts – 2012 Edition has been revised and expanded. The publication, developed by the powder metallurgy (PM) commercial parts manufacturing industry, covers the  latest engineering property data and information available in order to specify materials for structural parts made by the PM process.

The MPIF says that publication of the 2012 Edition of this standard renders the 2009 Edition (and prior editions) obsolete. Previous editions should no longer be distributed but destroyed.

The 2012 Edition contains new materials & mechanical property data including:

Prealloyed Steel
FL-5108, as-sintered

Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel
FLN2-3905, as-sintered and heat treated

Diffusion-Alloyed Steel
FD-0105, as-sintered and heat treated
400 Series Stainless Steel – as-sintered

Other new or revised data covering:

Soft Magnetic Alloys
Fatigue limit values for the FY-4500 material

Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel
FLN4-4405, heat treated: revised minimum and ultimate strength values

400 Series Stainless Steel

Revisions to chemical composition table for the SS-409L, -409LE and -434LCb materials

New or revised engineering information covering:

Hardenability (Jominy) Data
New - Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel: FLN2-3905
New - Diffusion-Alloyed Steel: FD-0105
New - Austenitizing Temperature Information (Key) for all materials listed

Strain-Controlled Fatigue – New Section

Information & Data

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
New - CT-1000 data

New and revised verbiage throughout the standard and an updated index.