According to the organisation, the institute's rebrand will broaden the identity of the organization and represent a way to unifying the additive manufacturing and 3D printing community in the US.

“With America Makes, the Institute has a name and a concept that are more effective in communicating its purpose and ambition to broaden its voice to be more indicative and inclusive of the innovation happening in the United States – whether with hobbyists, entrepreneurs, or in the work of industry, academia and government," a press release stated.

America Makes plans to promote the benefits of AM to US citizens, students and Fortune 500 manufacturing company leaders. “With the emphasis on 'America Makes', the Institute is sending a strong message that Americans are proud manufacturers," the organisation stated. "Utilizing additive manufacturing in the process allows companies and employees to collaborate digitally, publish and share findings rapidly, and prototype and iterate at a much faster pace than ever before.

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