The workshop will include an update on REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) by Joeri Leenaers, Eurometaux REACH Manager, looking at the history and next steps as well as the possible impacts of REACH on the PM industry. This includes recovered/recycled substances, the enforcement programme in the downstream users and in the car industry, the nano issue and finally the planned REACH Review of 2012.

Dr Violaine Verougstraete, exposure scenario health and alloy manager at the same company will talk about the Exposure Scenarios in REACH and the CLP regulation, looking at the concept of DNEL, DMEL and OEL and other assessment factors for Human Health. She will also talk about the Standard Phrases project, the other update of the Eurometaux “ES Task Force”, and the inclusion of the ES in the Safety Data Sheet. In a second talk Dr Verougstraete will present the latest update on the GHS/CLP including the special case of mixtures and alloys (e.g. powders).
 In another talk, Keegan Hicks from the Nickel REACH Consortia will report on the latest update of the Nickel Chemical Safety Report including timing for updating existing and new GES, as well as the new SCOEL recommendations and the Nickel Socio Economical Analysis will also be addressed.
Dr Frederick Verdonck will present the MeClas online Metals Classification tool, which could help in the classification of powders in the framework of the CLP regulation in the future.
Finally, Henning Wriedt from the Occupational Health and Safety Advice Centre, Hamburg, Germany will talk about REACH and other EU worker’s health legislation, including the REACH /Occupational Safety and Heath interface and review the Occupational Exposure Limits at work sites in EU and in Germany (such as Nickel).
The workshop will also include an information session on the status of the measurement of the nickel particle size in the PM industry with presentations on progress by Dr Volker Arnhold, Bettina Neumann and Andreas Milbrath from GKN Sinter Metals and Hoeganaes Corp, respectively.
Online Registration is available at the REACH workshop website.