FMW’s assets include a 50,000 ft2 manufacturing facility and the only refractory-free gas atomization system in the US, while Summit Materials brings technical sales and marketing, near-net shape capabilities and the expertise of Fred Yolton, a well-respected pioneer in titanium powder atomization.

Puris is ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified and will primarily support aerospace, oil and gas and medical industries. 

“The launch of Puris creates an unprecedented opportunity to advance market adoption of titanium solutions,” Craig Kirsch, CEO of Puris, said. “Puris is first to market with the technical expertise, production capacity and product purity to fully commercialize titanium powder and near-net shape parts.” 

Cleanliness standard

According to Kirsch, Puris’s key competitive advantages include industry leading production capacity and a refractory-free gas atomization system, which sets a new standard for cleanliness. Puris’s patent-pending atomizer is an all-titanium system that completely eliminates the risk of iron contamination during processing.