Carpenter Technology says that it is currently working with a major aerospace manufacturer to qualify a new corrosion-resistant, high-strength percipitation hardenable (PH) stainless steel for use in landing gear.

CarTech Custom 565 alloy combines properties of CarTech Custom 465 and CarTech Custom 475 to form a new aerospace alloy that could replace Carpenter's CarTech 300M alloy steel which is currently being used in landing gear, structural components, drive shafts, and actuators.

‘The potential for CarTech Custom 565 alloy to become the industry choice for specific aerospace applications is excellent,’ claimed Gregory A. Pratt, Carpenter chairman, president and CEO.  ‘Our CarTech Custom 465 alloy has been used in aerostructures for more than 15 years and our goal was to modify the properties to yield a much stronger alloy that also contains the corrosion-resistant properties the aerospace industry demands.’ CarTech Custom 475 alloy is primarily used in sporting goods.

Testing is expected to take approximately 18 months to complete. 

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