The website is intended to be a global resource for vanadium.
The website is intended to be a global resource for vanadium. has been developed to provide users with access to research, upcoming events, educational resources and technical publications regarding vanadium. (Vanadium is a hard, silvery gray, transition metal which is employed as an alloying element in a number of PM steels. It is also used as a grain-growth-inhibiting additive for the finest grades of tungsten carbides.) The new site also addresses and highlights the uses and benefits of vanadium across a range of applications, including steel, titanium and chemical. Currently the website is available in English and Chinese.

It is possible to access the Vanadium Award papers, which cover the metallurgy and technology of vanadium and it alloys, awarded on an annual basis by The Institute of Materials Mineral and Mining. Furthermore, users will also have the ability to submit technical papers for consideration for inclusion to the site.

Vanitec also organises research on the properties of vanadium bearing materials. The site has a section that invites project funding proposals, providing detailed procedures and guidelines to request financial support for certain relevant research projects.

The site features case studies and links to other web-based resources. There is also an international calendar of technical conferences and seminars, as well as trade events, in related fields and industries.

Two new modules provide learning experiences for those with the desire to further their knowledge. The first module provides information on the many benefits of high-strength, low-alloy steels microalloyed with vanadium versus standard low C-Mn Steels. The second module highlights how high-strength vanadium-alloy steel (HSLA-V) can reduce the weight, cost and environmental impact of long-span steel structures compared to similar structures constructed using conventional steel.

“We have made a major commitment to utilizing the new website as a truly global resource for vanadium technology,” said David Milbourn, CEO of Vanitec. “We plan to add additional resources and education materials on an on-going basis now that we have a solid foundation and worldwide online presence for our mission.” 

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