A component designed by RSC Engineering.
A component designed by RSC Engineering.

RSC Engineering is a specialist in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and rapid manufacturing and focuses on the reduction or avoidance of support geometries, integration of cooling channels and elasticity or increased rigidity through integrated lattice structures.

"Our users will benefit from our partnership with a design firm that can create process-oriented component designs using LaserCUSING for complex components,” said Frank Herzog, president & CEO of Concept Laser.

Improved geometries

Laser fusing additive manufacturing can potentially create components with improved geometries and better functionality or resilience. Concept Laser says that RSC could help incorporate the benefits of laser-fused metals into the component development process.

"Additional functions are now possible, such as cooling, production of moving parts in a one-shot process without assemblies, or lightweight structures that can withstand heavy stresses,” said Tim Richter, CEO of RSC Engineering GmbH. “Hybrid manufacturing solutions (a combination of conventional processes and LaserCUSING) can bring together the best of both worlds. It's all about understanding new possibilities and using them in a targeted way. Additive design eliminates the need for substitution and produces completely new solutions.

"We focus on the component's ultimate function right at the beginning of the design process. Virtual prototyping is an important concept,” he added.