Plansee executive director, Bernhard Schretter says that the volume of products sold, the use of raw materials, the number of employees and the level of investment made by the metal powder provider were all at record levels in 2018.

‘We are delighted and proud to be able to say that we are currently successfully active around the world,’ he said. ‘Despite all the records, we have to distinguish clearly between those things that are based on our own capabilities and aspects where we are exposed to market forces, overheating, speculation and commodity prices over which we only have limited influence.’

According to Schretter, some of the challenges facing the Plansee Group over the next few years included the long-term security of supply of tungsten and molybdenum independent of China, a shortage of skilled workers at most of the Group's 50 production sites around the world, and digitalization in sales, production and administration. ‘Looking forward, digitalization will also offer the Plansee Group opportunities to better meet the requirements of our customers,’ he said.

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