The latest research from the POWDERMET2017 international conference on powder metallurgy and particulate materials, and the co-located additive manufacturing with powder metallurgy, has been released in two new electronic publications: Advances in Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials 2017 and AMPM2017 Conference Presentations.

The first publication contains 94 technical papers including over 1,000 pages of research. Topics include:

  • design and modeling of pm materials, components and processes
  • particulate production
  • general compaction and forming processes
  • powder injection molding (metals and ceramics)
  • pre-sintering and sintering
  • secondary operations
  • materials
  • refractory metals, carbides and ceramics
  • advanced particulate materials and processes
  • material properties
  • test and evaluation
  • applications
  • management issues.

The electronic-only compilation from AMPM2017 features 59 technical presentations and 12 technical manuscripts presented by worldwide industry experts. According to the MPIF, every AM parts-making process that uses metal powder was represented at AMPM2017 including laser, e-beam, and inkjet powder-bed processes, blow-powder processes, and extrusion methods, each linking the process to the metal powder attributes. Application discussions included representative presentations on the adoption of AM by the medical, aerospace, art world, and conventional industrial components.

The publications can be ordered here and here. MPIF members should log in before purchase to receive a member rate.

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