The HS20 is a drop-in replacement for the existing HS10 product, helping minimise installation issues. The product has been totally revised, using components from Renishaw's current XL-80 calibration laser. PCBs use the surface mount technology produced in-house at Renishaw for greater robustness and reliability.

HS20 has external setting of configuration switches and a volt power input for installations where there is significant distance between the laser and Renishaw's RCU10 real-time quadrature compensator units. This helps avoid the ‘power drop' associated with multi-core cables. The RCU10 units are accurate under varying environmental conditions.

Determining any machine tool's capabilities before machining and subsequent post-process part inspection can greatly reduce the possibility of scrap and machine downtime. On large machine tools, especially those commonly found in aerospace and marine industries, this is even more so due to the size and cost of components being produced and the cost of the machining process. At the same time, traditional linear scales can be difficult to lay accurately, are prone to the effects of thermal expansion and can be costly over long distances.

Laser encoders, however, bring the precision of laser measurement normally associated with calibration lasers directly to the machine tool, Renishaw claims. Their measurements are independent of machine thermal expansion.

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