Manganese In Powder Metallurgy Steels includes data about the mechanical properties of sintered manganese steels published since 1948 up to the present time. The effect of all possible material, alloying and sintering factors on the properties of manganese steels which are in most cases on the level of those alloyed with nickel is discussed.

Research and Markets's publication also contains historical, technical and scientific state-of-the-art data about the preparation and properties of sintered manganese steels. Sintering is explained in detail and covers the effect of gaseous manganese on the process as the only possible effect. The book is based on a large number of references and is completed by a list of other publications dealing with sintered manganese steels. Manganese In Powder Metallurgy Steels, which is suitable for researchers and for PM parts and powder producers, contains a very large number of graphs, micrographs and tables.