The 2017 Howard I. Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award has been selected, according to the MPIF.

The authors will be officially recognized during the Industry Luncheon to be held during POWDERMET2018 in San Antonio, Texas, from 17–20 June.

This year's winning paper is entitled ‘Deformation Processed Al/Al2Ca Nano-filamentary Composite Conductors’ by Charles Czahor, Trevor Riedemann, Alan Russell, and Iver Anderson, from  Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University.

The Howard I Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award, was established in 1993 to recognize authors of manuscripts for excellence in scientific and technical written communications from papers presented at the MPIF’s annual technical conference.

Paper excellence is measured using a system of four quality standards. The paper:

  • is scientifically or technically new, innovative, or is a constructive review
  • has clear presentation in writing, organization, graphics, format, and has professional integrity
  • has clear industrial application
  • has long-term value.

The paper is available for download on the MPIF website.

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