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The group, supported by the International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA) in the US and the Refractory Metals Association (RMA) has formed the Tungsten Industry Conflict Materials Council (TI-CMC) to set out the initiative.

They plan to provide assurances the tungsten supply chain that conflict minerals, as defined in the regulations, processed at the smelter/refinery level are in compliance with those regulations. The initiative offers a straightforward approach for firms that must make declarations on their supply chains. It is based on the idea that refiners, pivotally positioned as they are in the tungsten supply chain, can best determine the source of tungsten materials made available to the global marketplace.

Tungsten raw materials such as wolframite must undergo a complex refining process before they can be used in downstream products for industries such as automotive, aerospace, machinery and electronics. Tungsten refining is an involved chemical or pyrometallurgical process far beyond the means of artisanal operations in regions covered by the new legislation, a fact specific to tungsten on which the approach of the Initiative is based.

Firms participating in the Initiative must adhere to a supplier code of conduct, and if inquiry reveals that materials originated in concerned regions, the framework under the Initiative is consistent with the due diligence guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The initiative will be open to all interested tungsten firms, whether or not they are members of ITIA or RMA.