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Metal Powder features, July 2009

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Enhanced Automation of Plating and Metal Finishing Barrel Process Operations Using Automatic Barrels for Bulk Finishing

Metal finishing barrel operations are used most often for “bulk” finishing of large quantities of parts. They are the most efficient method for finishing b

Increasing demand for water and stringent new legislation to limit the discharge of effluent is taking place in many areas worldwide. Equipment innovations

When budgeting for new finishing equipment or upgrading an existing line, it is important to note that each requirement is unique and must be carefully con

Plenty of rhetoric was in the mix in the review of PM in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific that was delivered in June at the Washington World Congress

Most manufacturing processes generate scrap, and even though powder metallurgy is notable for its low scrap production, these days scrap is a valuable comm

knowledge spreads in the ‘flat world’ of global markets, so the leaders have to raise their game to maintain their competitive position. That is as true i

Iron deficiency anaemia is one of the world's leading health problems causing personal illness and serious socio-economic consequences. A major iron powder

Bigger loads of heavy powders for tungsten blends call for machinery to match…

The U.S. EPA has developed new requirements to reduce air pollution from plating and polishing facilities. Shaikh Tayeb and Tapan Das, from the Delaware De

Drew Amorosi, managing editor of Metal Finishing, recently caught up with Dr. Manik Roy and Dr. Janet Peace of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change to d

In June of 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established national reactivity-based emission standards for 170 volatile organic compounds

Given the competitive nature of business, especially when times are tough, product differentiation is often the real message behind the anodyne phrases tha

The hardmetal sector is arguably the most profitable in powder metallurgy. The tooling made from its products are expensive but, as Ken Brookes discovered,

Almost like waiting for a bus, when one trade show comes into view in October, there's another one almost directly behind it. First up this month is EuroPM

The low-cost approach to combating the volatile pricing of steel alloy elements means real skill is needed in making sure powder metallurgy continues to me

It has been a little while coming, but this year the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) has chosen arguably the coolest, most cosmopolitan, and

And with one bound, Jack was free… Such was the good fortune of the comic-book hero of childhood when faced with insuperable odds. To find a parallel in th

During the 20th century cheap and abundant energy made corrosion a manageable problem. This era is coming to an end. Soon, industry will find there is less

In 2008, when a barrel of oil cost $147 and a gallon of gasoline cost $4.25 (or more), many readers called or wrote to ask if there were more energy-effici

The process reliability of pretreatment methods is the basis for high-quality products in the production of metal parts with special surface requirements.

Could a small UK metal extraction company hold the secret to transforming titanium powder production – making it as low cost and high production as iron o

Direct metal laser-sintering (DMLS) technology may sound like something out of science fiction. But as its manufacturers and users report, it’s gaining gro

Ultrasonic cleaning—that is, cleaning with high-frequency sound waves—is not a miracle cure; it just seems like one. When properly used, adding ultrasonics

Air blasting contributes to more productive cleaning and pretreatment by making short work of otherwise time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks. For many

From medical instruments and implants to more pedestrian applications, Danco Anodizing puts all of their knowledge, heart and soul into every part.

The use of fluorescent materials to provide a non-destructive method for on-line inspection has been an area of increased importance to the coatings indust

Why do hardmetals have such high status in professional circles in Europe, whilst in North America cemented carbides are the metaphorical poor relation? It

The beaming children assaulting their teeth with sweets, just minutes away on Florida's Disneyland resort, may one day appreciate the work discussed at the

This paper details the use of electro discharge sintering (EDS) to sinter diamond containing segments to high density and strength from standard iron powde

The Winterev hard materials gathering is getting bigger and Ken Brookes mourns a slight loss of informality that is one immediate result…

The credit crunch, plummeting car sales, and stagnant end-use markets have combined to create a significant slowdown in powder metallurgy. Contributing edi

Any process will have a chance in the market if it is efficient in comparison to alternative processes. Lutz Lackner from Dorst Technologies looks at how m

Investing in the business—and its people—pays big dividends for C.R. Hudgins Plating, a 60-year-old operation based in Lynchburg, Va.

From electronics to aircraft parts, Master Metal Finishing of Patterson, N.J., finishes to spec—and beyond.

As the credit squeeze threatens many small companies in the PM supply chain, some are looking to pastures new, and hi-tech pastures at that, for inspiratio

The countries of the former Eastern Bloc are using PM technologies developed during the Soviet era but combining and sharpening them by the use of imported

The countries of the former Eastern Bloc are using PM technologies developed during the Soviet era but combining and sharpening them by the use of imported

As the performance criteria for plated components have become more demanding, directives to meet strict environmental considerations have forced sweeping c

Atotech's Björn Dingwerth discusses the benefits of an environmentally friendly trivalent chromium-based post-dip. This post-dip helps reinforce trivalent

For more than 80 years, the plating industry has been dependent on the use of various zincate and/or stannate solutions to assist in the plating of metals

Surface coating is of major importance technically as well as economically. Aluminum surface finishing processes are used not only in traditional fields su

Modify employee health plans and adjust production shifts. Renegotiate lending terms with banks and payment schedules with customers to secure more favorab

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