The two firms will begin with a three-week assessment in Asia, followed by six weeks spent installing the bespoke equipment. 

The name of the client and price of the contract have not been released.
ASL’s technology involves metal powder production through atomisation. It has has delivered more than 130 plants for metal powder atomisation in 35 countries in six continents.
“In 2010 our company was approached by a major client to develop a unique atomising system from first principles,” Simon Dunkley, managing director of ASL, explained. “Over the last three years we worked with MEC in three distinct phases, learning from each phase as we developed the atomising processes--all of which have been very technically demanding.”
Phil Slater, managing director of MEC, added: “We are showcasing our abilities at the cutting edge of technology. ASL required an extensive electrical installation programme. As we have been in uncharted territory, we have been prototyping systems and processes, learning together in a close collaboration and working to the highest standards to meet the client’s needs. We will be on-site in mid-May to establish site services for production." 
The full story can be found here.
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