It provides a coherent overview suitable for those in both the industrial and research environments, and it also acts as a concise introduction to those relatively new to the field.  It is delivered by Professor Andrew Yule and Dr Ghasem Nasr of Salford University and John Dunkley, chairman of Atomising Systems Ltd.

The course has now been run four times with very positive feedback from the registrants who have attended from five continents.  An intensive course over just two days, it is closely focussed on metal powders and includes up-to-the-minute knowledge on current practice and developments.

Although the background of essential theory is not ignored, the course is very much practically oriented and with the importance of economics, safety and maintenance being emphasised.  Last year a new section called a Toolkit for Improving Atomising System Performance was added, specifically addressed to production staff.

Coverage is given of all metals and also all atomisation techniques, both in common use (gas, water, air) and more specialised techniques such as ultrasonic, pressure and centrifugal.  A detailed course leaflet can be downloaded at the Perdac website.