The 3.5-in long scissors are designed for high performance during precise, delicate procedures where micro scissors don’t offer sufficient strength.

Tungsten carbide’s hardness means that scissors with tungsten carbide blade inserts last much longer than stainless steel scissors, and keep their razor-sharp edge to allow for smooth cuts even after prolonged use. Almost impervious to corrosion, these tough inserts are micro-bonded to the scissor blades to provide years of increased performance.

Roboz's ceramic-coated scissors also provide exceptional cutting ability with incredible durability, the company says. They also have tungsten carbide blades, which are made even harder by the ceramic coating. One blade is serrated and the other is razor-sharp and together they prevent tissue slippage and cut effortlessly. The ceramic coating minimizes friction between the blades. Roboz says that the scissors last up to six times the usual shelf life of standard stainless steel scissors.

The short (15mm) blades of these dissecting scissors are suitable for exacting procedures that require precise, gentle cuts. Tungsten carbide scissors are also especially good for cutting cartilage or for repetitive cuts such as in necropsy studies.