The technologies include new Goetze dirt-resistant HSL-series face seals and GLYCODUR lead-free bearing technology. Federal-Mogul says that its technology is aimed at reducing environmental impact and extending maintenance intervals.

The new HSL seals incorporate a dirt excluder lip within the design to set a new standard in the protection of sensitive machine components when operating in wet and muddy environments, according to Federal-Mogul. They increase resistance against mud packing that could otherwise lead to subsequent leakage when particles can be pressed into the gap between the seal rings. A range of sizes up to 1.500 mm (1.5cm) in diameter will be available.

GLYCODUR F is a sliding bearing that consists of a porous tin bronze material sintered on top of a steel base. The pores are filled with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other friction and wear-reducing additives which makes it suitable for applications with high service life demands.

For continuous operation in high-loaded applications, such as joints in construction machines, Federal-Mogul has produced GLYCODUR A, a sliding bearing with a steel base and a polyoxymethylene (POM) top layer, which is solidly joined to the sintered bronze.

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