The FT4 Powder Rheometer has dynamic, bulk and shear testing capabilities and is used to improve product development and process design, operation, troubleshooting and optimisation of powders. 

It can carry out dynamic testing on consolidated, aerated or fluidised powder samples to assess how a powder responds to air.

In other news, the company’s operations director Jamie Clayton is an invited speaker on an "Analytical Methods for Powder Handling and Processing" course in Copenhagen on 6 May.

His talk, "Measurement of powder flow properties", discusses the ability to achieve desirable flow characteristics in a powder, whether a finished product or in-process material, to reach product performance goals and/or acceptable manufacturing efficiency. Clayton will review some of the techniques routinely used for flowability testing, emphasising the features of a method or instrument that make it especially useful for solving powder handling problems. The need to generate process-relevant information, to measure properties that directly correlate with process performance, will be a major focus.