By Kari Williamson

The atomizer was installed and commissioned as part of a joint project between Hart Metals and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory - “Lightweight Magnesium Parts for Military Applications” - with the aid of US$1.6 million in Congressional Funding.

The magnesium alloy atomiser allows the U.S. Military to design new materials for the next generation of defence weapons and survivability gear.

Hart Metals is also working in collaboration with the U.S. Military to identify applications for the new atomised magnesium alloy powders which they plan to design, develop and manufacture.

Jim Gardella, President, Magnesium Elektron Powders, says: “We are very excited about this new chapter in our company’s history...”

Congressman Tim Holden, adds: “I am glad to be helpful in securing federal funding to develop new Lightweight Magnesium Parts for Military Applications at Hart Metals. They have built a state-of-the-art facility here in Tamaqua with a commitment to use equipment built here in the U.S. In addition, the military will now have access to new lightweight magnesium powders which could potentially decrease weight of military vehicles by 30%. Such a weight reduction would result in better fuel efficiency and less dependence on foreign oil.”