The company also wants to show that it is possible to practice a socially and ecologically acceptable raw material policy throughout the industry.

The process takes into account internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 und SA 8000, and also “account traceability, transparency and the far-reaching ethical, social and environmentally friendly principles of raw material sourcing”, the company said in a press release. The process features supplier audits, whereby the proof of origin of the raw materials and thus the relevant documentation of traceability are verified. The standards defined in the RSCM system are also assessed, especially in connection with the sourcing of raw materials from mines. Only those sources that are able to pass such an audit will be able to supply the company.
This system is a development of the company's corporate procurement system and was motivated by new regulatory developments and customers requests. According to company spokeperson Gerald Baehnisch, the RSCM will in the mid-term (over the next 2-3 years) encompass the entire purchasing system of H.C. Starck Group. The company will begin by targeting minerals potentially originating from conflict regions (such as tantalum) in the form of primary or secondary raw materials (ore, concentrates, slags, and scrap). It then plans to look at all raw materials and finally the RSCM will cover all supplies, such as production machines, other goods and all types of services purchased.
"The aim is, besides efficient and competitive purchasing, to avoid sourcing from conflict regions in particular and from environmentally and socially unsustainable acting suppliers, mine owners, traders, slag and scrap metal providers such as smelters or manufacturers," he said.
The Electronic Industry Citizenship Council (EICC) is also putting into place a demand for sustainable and reliable sourcing of raw materials and H.C. Starck has introduced a sourcing process for materials used in electronic components based on RSCM.
The international launch of RSCM at H.C. Starck was tested and corroborated in an review carried out by an independent expert, BUREAU VERITAS Certification.   
“H.C. Starck sets new international standards with the raw material management system that we have initiated of our own accord,” said chairman of the executive Board Dr. Andreas Meier.