The Controlled Heat Extraction System (CHES) furnaces use technology developed by ARC Energy and are used to produce sapphire boules for the High Brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LED) industry.

Sapphire crystal-growing for the LED market is very challenging and competitive, so hot zone assemblies and furnace components are critical to the crystal-growth process. These products control the gradient temperatures and maximize the crystal boule yields. Another extremely critical factor to sapphire crystal growers is consistency. 

The HB-LED industry has advanced rapidly in the past few years, along with growth in TV backlighting and general lighting applications. Manufacturing LEDs on 150 mm and 200 mm substrates is widely identified as key to lowering costs and driving growth for the general lighting market.
“ARC Energy is pleased to announce H.C. Starck has passed our rigorous qualification process for supplying furnace components,” said Dr Rick Schwerdtfeger, co-founder CTO of ARC Energy. “Authorizing H.C. Starck gives CHES furnace customers more choices, yet assures the same quality and performance to meet the original furnace specifications.”
Dmitry Shashkov, member of H.C. Starck's executive board and head of the business unit fabricated products. added: “We are delighted to enter into this agreement with ARC Energy and become their authorized hot zone vendor. With our fully operational capabilities in Taicang, we are in a unique position to service the CHES platforms installed in Asia and allow the end users to benefit from our manufacturing excellence and global capabilities.” 
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