The MFH cutter offers a variety of cutting options with three different inserts designed to enhance general milling, to support large depth-of-cut operations up to 5mm, and to provide a wiper edge for roughing and finishing. The inserts for the MFH come in new grades for difficult-to-cut materials, providing stability to help prevent insert fracturing and ensure high-efficiency machining.

The CA6535 insert is suitable for Ni-base heat-resistant alloys and martensitic stainless steel. It provides high heat and wear-resistance with improved stability using of Kyocera’s thin-film CVD coating technology.

The PR1535 insert is suitable for titanium alloys and precipitation-hardened stainless steel. Kyocera’s Megacoat nano coating technology gives these inserts improved stability and longer tool life in milling applications.

The MFH Face Mill and Endmill both offer coolant holes for use in machining high-temperature alloys or improving surface roughness.

Application range

The cutting tool offers a convex helical edge design to reduce cutting forces during initial workpiece contact. The MFH is suitable for a wide application range including face milling and shouldering, slotting, ramping, helical milling and plunging.