The books available to purchase are:

Pocket Manual of Heat Processing, a reference for those involved in any way with thermal processing technology and industrial-furnace engineering and operation. 

Handbook of Burner Technology for Industrial Furnaces is intended to provide support for those responsible for the clean and efficient heating of industrial furnaces.  It offers a detailed view of all relevant principles, terms and processes in industrial combustion technology and important aids for daily operations. 

Refractory Engineering includes the latest developments in refractory engineering.  It also features linings in furnaces operated in foundries, the selection criteria for refractory materials, specific design and installation. 

Handbook of Thermoprocessing Technologies provides a detailed overview of the entire thermoprocessing sector, structured on practical criteria, and is of particular assistance to students of all relevant disciplines and to engineers in this field.  This volume examines the basic principles, procedures and processes involved in thermoprocessing technology.

Handbook of Refractory Materials is a 4th edition that has been completely revised and expanded. It contains an extensive overview focusing on design, properties, calculations, terminology and testing of refractory materials thus providing important information for daily work.  It is also available in e-book (disc) format.

Dictionary of Refractories and Refractory Engineering contains approximately 5600 terms from the special field of refractory materials, their testing and use and standard technical vocabulary. At the end there is a list of dictionaries and books focussing on related fields and technology. 

Inductive Melting and Holding is a revised 2nd edition of this standard work for engineers, technicians and other practitioners working in melting shops and foundries.  It includes coverage of the plant- and process-engineering advances. These relate, in particular, to the use of the induction furnace in electric-steel production. 

The IHEA Bookstore also offers the Processing Heating Technology Manual (first edition) and the Infrared Process Heating Handbook (2nd edition).  

The books are available to purchase here.