The company is using the solvent extraction process for extracting tungsten from scrap for the first time in India, said India's Business Standard newspaper.

"We are manufacturing tungsten powder which is a basic raw material for our group company Electronica Tough Carb Limited,” said SR Pophale, chairman, SRP Electronica. “We would also be marketing the powder to the defence industry and other tungsten product manufacturers. Entry into this new business was a logical step and a much-required backward integration process for us, as we have been engaged in making tungsten carbide products for the past 20 years.

"There is a big requirement of tungsten in the Indian market for industrial applications and for also for the defence industry as it is a strategic material for defence needs. Most of the tungsten is imported from China, so by getting into this business, we have not only tapped a new opportunity but are also doing our bit to give back to our nation."

The company has invested Rs 5 crore for this facility and the installed capacity of the new manufacturing plant is 10 tonnes a month.