During his research career at Penn State University, Dr Bollina has worked on the development of environmentally safe lead free solder alloys for outdoor lighting applications for GE. This led to the development of high temperature lead free solders for lighting applications with significant improvement in the environmental safety. 

His work at Plansee in Austria led to numerous advances in the field of composite materials, and thermal management materials for application in micro, opto and power electronics.  He also worked on copper-tungsten, copper-molybdenum, copper-molybdenum-copper laminates, silver-diamond, aluminium-diamond and copper diamond composites.  His work resulted in developing a high power laser diode for a multitude of applications. 

Dr Bollina is now a specialist in atomization technologies for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, powder metallurgy manufacturing technologies, metal injection moulding technologies, refractory metals and composites.