The end product of the Metalysis process.
The end product of the Metalysis process.

Metalysis says it can produce titanium powder directly from Iluka’s main high grade titanium feedstock products of rutile using its low-heat electrolysis process.

“Metalysis represents an opportunity to invest in a technology which may have a material impact on the growth of various metals, but particularly titanium metals,” said Iluka MD, David Robb.
“The successful commercialisation of the Metalysis process could create significant value, and potentially result in a material increase in demand for Iuka’s high grade chloride feedstocks.” 

Future development

“Iluka coming in as a funding partner to Metalysis is an important part of the company’s journey,” added Metalysis chairman, Tony Pedder. “Iluka’s expertise in titanium dioxide as a feedstock, process engineering experience and access to global markets can make a significant impact on Metalysis’ development. 
“The Metalysis process has applications across metals in the periodic table including: titanium, tantalum and rare earths and with Iluka’s access to titanium dioxide feedstock there is the potential to produce titanium powder with much greater efficiency and at a much lower cost than is currently possible.”