The vacuum furnaces will be shipped to the USA, India, Japan, China and Ireland. The new furnaces will include one Vacuum Oil Quench furnace equipped with Ipsen’s AvaC Low Pressure Carburizing, two 6 bar TurboTreaters, one large MetalMaster, five TITAN vacuum furnaces and the first shipment of Ipsen’s new TITAN DS debinding and sintering furnace.

“Based on the backlog, shipping ten per month could be the new norm,” said Adam Tinkler, production manager for the TITAN product line stated. “We are making numerous improvements to our Cherry Valley production line to enable high-quality, on-time deliveries with the highest level of efficiency.” 


Ipsen’s TurboTreater is suitable for hardening, brazing, solution annealing, sintering, and tempering, as well as applying AvaC low pressure carburizing. It includes a cooling system design that reduces gas consumption up to 40% and a load capacity of 1,500 - 10,000 lbs. (680 to 4,545 kg).

TITAN DS is Ipsen’s new debinding and sintering furnace. The furnace operates 50/60 Hz, any voltage and in more than 20 languages. Its removable hot zone optimizes cleanliness and uniformity, while its innovative protection system prevents binder build-up in pumps and piping. The TITAN DS is capable of handling very high binder content in MIM applications.