The aim of this ruling is to maintain supply chain transparency through reporting requirements for any publically traded companies that use conflict minerals in the manufacture of their products.
Kemet is a manufacturer of tantalum, ceramic, aluminium, film, paper and electrolytic capacitors and its tantalum capacitors are conflict free.
“As the world’s largest user of tantalum, Kemet took an early leadership position in the industry on the issue of obtaining certified conflict free minerals,” said Dr Daniel F Persico, Kemet vice president of special projects. “Strong conflict minerals reporting requirements means an enhanced quality of life for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and a more stable supply of conflict free capacitors for our customers,” he said.
Kemet’s Making Africa Work programme is a comprehensive social sustainability and economic Kemet focused on meeting the short and long-term needs of all stakeholders in the Kemet tantalum supply chain. The company has also committed US$1.5 million has been committed for social sustainability projects including a school, medical clinic, solar street lighting, and fresh water wells for the village of Kisengo in the DRC. 
The programme was featured in a recent UN Global Compact and Maplecroft webinar on conflict minerals.
“All the parties involved in the webinar are stakeholders in helping resolve the issue of conflict minerals in the DRC, an issue that touches all of us on a daily basis,” said Persico. “The more we can do to raise awareness, the quicker this horrendous human rights problem will be resolved.”