Under the terms of the agreement, NETZSCH will standardise on Malvern’s particle sizing and characterization equipment, primarily the Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer. Customers of each company will gain access to the milling knowledge of the NETZSCH teams and to the particle sizing know-how of Malvern Instruments.

Initially, Malvern Mastersizer 3000 systems will be installed in NETZSCH demonstration and test laboratories in Germany, USA, Brazil, China, Korea, India and Russia. All trials, demonstrations and toll-production carried out by NETZSCH on customers’ materials in NETZSCH facilities will be tested using Malvern instrumentation, with Malvern’s applications experts in each territory available to support the understanding and interpretation of data, as required. Jointly organized seminars and other initiatives will organised.

“Particle characterization is becoming more and more important for fine grinding down to the submicron or nanometer range because product properties so often depend directly on particle size,” said Dimitrios Makrakis, MD of the NETZSCH grinding & dispersing business unit. ”The correct and reproducible analysis of particle size is a prerequisite for process optimization and quality control."

As Malvern is a world leading manufacturer in particle and materials characterization, NETZSCH said it has the ideal partner to deliver the best overall solution for both grinding technology and particle characterization, and clients of both companies will benefit from this partnership.

Malvern concurred. “The development of new solutions for particle characterization in the milling process will be a focal point of the agreement,” said Malvern’s MD, Paul Walker. “We will work together closely to help our customers optimize their milling processes and product quality and to extend the limits of the technology.”


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