Miba's China site is based in Suzhou.  (Photo courtesy Greir/Shutterstock.com.)
Miba's China site is based in Suzhou. (Photo courtesy Greir/Shutterstock.com.)

In this phase, an additional area of approximately 16,000 m2 has been built and the site now has a total area of 24,000 m2. Around 400 employees already work at the Suzhou site, and with the expansion and the newly constructed area, the structures for a total of 1,000 employees have been created. 

“China’s strong potential, primarily in the passenger vehicle, truck and ship market, offers major growth opportunities for Miba in the region. Local production of engine bearings, sintered components and innovative coatings guarantees proximity to the international customers in Asia,” the company said in a press release.

In total, around €35 million has been invested in the construction and expansion of the site, located 90 km west of Shanghai. In the last fiscal year, 6% of Miba’s consolidated revenue was generated by the site in Suzhou. 

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Miba Precision Components (China) Co Ltd (MPCC) was founded in October 2005 and the original plant was completed in March 2007 when series production commenced. 

China has become the most important passenger vehicle and truck market in the world and due to a strong demand for transport capacities and powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly engine generations, Miba’s bearing and sinter segments are developing dynamically, the company says. The Chinese automotive market is already the largest in the world, and this growth in connection with Miba technology provides an improved outlook for Miba. “We are optimally suited for the growth in motorization, and we even benefit from stricter environmental regulations in China,” said F Peter Mitterbauer, chairman of the management board. “Miba’s technology makes engines more powerful, safer and more environmentally friendly.”