This project, called iTSCi (ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative) was set up by UK tin industry organisation, and plans to ensure that minerals from Rwanda are verified and traceable right from their source to smelters.

"Conflict minerals from Congo are also mined in Rwanda; they therefore need a clear passage throughout the world; the iTSCi project will ensure that they are tagged and traceable to make sure that they are not coming from conflict areas of Congo," said the director general of OGMR, Dr. Michael Biryabarema.
The ITRI reports that last month OGMR officials visited sites to process the beginning of the iTSCi tagging scheme. Tagging already operational at Nyakabingo Mine. A statement from OGMR said that assessments of the system were made to cover all small and widespread mining sites, as well as account for the structure of the Rwandan mineral business. According to OGMR statistics, the country's mineral exports fetched approximately US$74 million in 2010 compared to US$54.6 million earned in 2009.