Product sales volume in the quarter was 3,356 metric tons (mt), a 12% sequential increase, at an average selling price (ASP) of US$36.93/kg, a 5% decrease over the preceding quarter's ASP of US39.02/kg. 

Molycorp's resources segment, comprised of its Mountain Pass, California rare earth mine and processing facility, sold 1,085 mt of rare earth oxide (REO) equivalent products for US$13.9 million in revenues, a 39% increase over the second quarter of 2014. The ASP for the quarter was $12.84/kg, which was 25% higher than the preceding quarter due to a more favorable product mix. Production volume for the quarter was 691 mt, a 58% decrease over second quarter production of 1,639 mt. Cash cost for production increased to US$33.80/kg, a 104% increase over production cash costs of US$16.54/kg in the previous quarter, largely due to the limited availability of hydrochloric acid needed for production. 
The company’s magnetic materials and alloys segment sold 1,516 mt of magnetic powders and reported third quarter revenues of US$62.7 million at an ASP of $40.42/kg. This compares to second quarter revenues of US$54.4 million at an ASP of $39.31/kg for the segment.

Rare metals

Finally, Molycorp's rare metals segment reported sales volume of 104 mt on revenues of US$21.3 million. ASP for the segment was US$204.51/kg. Second quarter revenues were US$15.9 million at an ASP of $201.81/kg.