“My goal is to further strengthen the position of the Miba Group as a technology group,” Mitterbauer said. “At 40%, the passenger vehicle sector is still the main contributor to total sales and remains the company’s mainstay; however, other business areas such as construction equipment, energy, i.e., power plants, power transmission, and the production of special machinery are becoming more and more important.” 

Miba aims to reach €750 million in sales in 2015.

Mitterbauer is following his father, Peter, age 70, as head of the Upper Austrian technology group. As chairman of the management board, Mitterbauer is now responsible for the new technologies group, strategy, human capital, controlling, innovation & technology.

In 2011, following a one-year stint at the Miba site in Suzhou, China, and three years as managing director sales & marketing in the Miba Friction Group, Mitterbauer joined the management board as CEO of the Miba Friction Group, where he was responsible for business relating to friction materials.

“Of course, I have a different style than my father, but we both have the same basic understanding of company leadership," Mitterbauer explained. "We definitely want to maintain the longstanding Miba virtues – customer focus, commitment to innovation and a bold decision-making culture."

In addition to F Peter Mitterbauer, Wolfgang Litzlbauer is now vice chairman of the management board, responsible for the Miba Bearing Group, the Miba Friction Group, the Miba Coating Group and Purchasing, while Harald Neubert heads up the Miba Sinter Group, with responsibility for central quality assurance. The latest member is Markus Hofer, who as CFO is responsible for corporate finance, IT and business excellence.