The sputtering targets made from molybdenum, copper and aluminium are available in all different sizes, and are used to coat all popular types of current flat panel displays – from small-screen displays for cell phones to large flat-screen TVs.

PLANSEE manufactures molybdenum sputtering targets and molybdenum alloys entirely in-house, while to produce bonded sputtering targets from aluminium and coppers, it buys roller plates from external sources.
 “It’s very important for our customers that the metallic layers used in flat panel displays are fully compatible with each other and are of consistently high quality,” said Ulrich Lausecker, head of the coating sales segment at Plansee.” The company has an onsite PVD coatings application centre, which is used to deposit and analyze layers and tailor them to customer requirements. The sputtering targets are custom-made for the specified layers.