The LOI outlines the companies' intention to negotiate a purchase agreement for PyroGenesis to supply  everal of its metal powder production platforms to the customer over an 18-month period for around approximately US$15 million. 

"One of the limiting factors in the full commercialization of 3D printing for metal products is the availability of high-quality, high-purity metal powder," commented P Peter Pascali, president and CEO of PyroGenesis. "Our platform is a proven product with completed commercial sales having already taken place in North America and Europe.  A successful conclusion of this LOI will result in the rapid deployment of our powder production platform for 3D printing, thus accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing worldwide."

The manufacturer is reportedly focusing on PyroGenesis and its plasma-based technology to help ensure a strategic and continuous supply of metal powder feedstock for its own internal 3D printing production use.

Metal powder supply

“We have made sufficient progress to be highly confident that a contract will be concluded in short order,” said Pascali.