The investment will be used to upgrade equipment and increase metal powder production capacity by more than 20% over the next two years. RTFT manufactures raw materials for the titanium dioxide industry as well as cast iron, steel and metal powders.

The company says that main demand comes from the automotive sector where manufacturers are looking at ways to lower automobile weight and increase fuel efficiency. Metal powders are also used in the fabrication of home appliance and power tool components, welding rods and as food supplements.

The upgrade and expansion will add 10 new jobs and also reduce the plant's cooling water consumption.
"We are investing in a strong future for RTFT, and believe this investment will also pay off for our customers, who rely on us for high quality products and services," said Dominique Bouchard, RTFT president.

The investment is part of the company's recently announced TiO2050 plan which calls for an investment of CA$800 million to extend the life of RTFT's ilmenite mine in northern Quebec and improve efficiency and throughput at its refining complex in southern Quebec. Ore extracted from mines in Quebec and Madagascar is refined into titanium dioxide feedstock, pig iron, steel, metal powders and other products at this complex.