By Liz Nickels

Dynamet Technology supplies titanium powder and near-net shape titanium and titanium alloy preforms and components for the commercial aerospace, defence and biomedical industries. The purchase terms of the transaction were US$15.5 million in cash, plus potential future cash consideration.

The company's products are made from the company’s titanium alloys, standard titanium alloys, and metal matrix composites using a powder metallurgical (PM) process. Near-net shape preforms and products that have been produced and commercialised by Dynamet Technology include various missile parts as well as CermeTi metal matrix composite material for medical implant products.

Customer demand

In February 2012, Dynamet Technology was approved by a large commercial aerospace OEM to supply powder Ti-6Al-4V alloy products for structural components on commercial aircraft. Last September, Dynamet Technology received the International Titanium Association’s Titanium Applications Development Award for 2013.

“This acquisition, RTI’s second new advanced technology investment this year, adds innovative titanium powder research and development, as well as a second distinct powder-based manufacturing technology to RTI’s capabilities,” said Dawne S Hickton, vice chair, president and CEO of RTI. “Together with our acquisition in January of RTI Directed Manufacturing, which specialises in 3D printing, the addition of Dynamet Technology enhances RTI’s strategic positioning to capitalise on increasing customer demand for lower cost materials and innovative near-net shape preforms and components.”

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, Dynamet Technology will be included in RTI’s titanium segment.