Schunk was initially founded for the production of carbon brushes for dynamos and engines in Fulda in 1913. When the company’s founder, Ludwig Schunk, died in 1947, he willed that the company’s assets should be placed at the service of the employees.

In the hundred years since its establishment, it has become a globally operating corporate group with approximately 8,300 employees around the world. The product range has also long since grown beyond carbon brushes. Schunk now supplies almost all key industries with high tech products and systems.

“Ludwig Schunk’s will still shapes our corporate culture,” said Gerhard Federer, CEO. “Our business strategy, geared towards long-term growth, makes Schunk a secure and attractive employer throughout the world. It obliges us to continually develop and maintain the company’s independence. This is also evident in the extraordinarily strong loyalty our employees have to the company."