Preparation Better Sintering takes place at TAT Technologies' training centre in St Marys, PA, USA, where there is an eight-zone sintering furnace with a broad range of temperature and atmosphere profiles and a range of test equipment in-house suitable for learning and training.

The class covers removing lubricants as vapours, sweeping and burning the lubricant vapours to avoid soot, residue deposits and fires, reduction of the oxides on all metal particle surfaces and diffusing the admixed graphite as carbon into the iron particles. 

Preparation Better Sintering is targeted at employees with one or more year background in sintering.

While the course is focused on iron-based conventional PM parts, the lectures on basics and hands-on experiments also cover the removal and burning of lubricants & binders used in MIM, heavy metal alloy sintering, carbide sintering, stainless steel sintering, non-ferrous sintering, infiltration, high temperature sintering and vacuum sintering.

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