These furnaces are supplied to a wide range of markets (heat treatment centres, aerospace, machine tooling and automotive) with a focus on Germany, Western Europe and Asia/China.

MTH controls the companies Schmetz (Germany, established in 1945), BMI (France, 1947), Mahler (Germany, 1950), IVA/RIVA (Germany/Poland, 1984) and Huisen-MTH (China, 2006).

Its product portfolio covers horizontal and vertical vacuum furnaces, supplied by the German company Schmetz and the French company BMI. Batch and continuous type atmospheric furnaces are covered by IVA and Mahler, while Huisen, with its recently extended workshop and pre-assembly workshop near Shanghai, covers the entire product range for Chinese and Asian customers.

The acquisition of MTH will also provide a unique opportunity for Tenova to expand the furnace business in the fields of heat treatment equipment and services for parts and components, Tenova said. The plan is to create a worldwide furnace company covering the entire range of equipment and services for heat treatment processes in steel, automotive, aerospace and machine tool industries.

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